Whatever type of fishing trip you desire, Morrisons will make your dream a reality! The Middle Rogue allows for both fly fishing and conventional style fishing, so we can cater to every type of angler and technique.

Fly Fishing Packages

Our Guides specialize in many different types of fly fishing techniques. Some techniques include spey and traditional single hand casting. These types of fly fishing methods are transported by boat from run to run. The angler will get out of the boat and actively swing the fly by wading and stepping down runs. The Rogue River is a great size for casting spey rods, though single hands rods work efficiently too. Anglers who are looking for a more relaxed steelhead fly fishing program, typically enjoy fly fishing from the boat. This is done with a weighted nymph rig under a strike indicator. This is a long drag free set up where you drift the line overruns and proves to be very effective. Some guides also teach the “Rogue River Twitch”. This is more of the traditional technique of fly fishing, which originated on the Rogue River. The guides will maneuver the boat down through runs with the anglers twitching their flies from the front of the boat. If you have been fly fishing your whole life or want to start your adventure of becoming a master fly caster we have the guides for you. Early bookings are encouraged.

Conventional Fishing Packages

Morrisons Rogue Wilderness Adventures & Lodge our seasoned guides are experts in a variety of salmon and steelhead fishing techniques: spin casting, bait bouncing, and pulling plugs. All boats, fishing rods, and tackle – as well as bait and flies – are furnished by the guides. our day trips are a great way to see the Rogue River, get hands-on instruction. Starting early in the morning, our guides will show you the best in local fishing on this incredible river. As the fog lifts and the wildlife start to stir, the river will change from calm to a boisterous beautiful experience. A famous Rogue River steelhead may hit your line and will give you a memorable experience as you fight it and eventually bring it alongside the boat. Early bookings are encouraged.

Excited about the options but need help deciding which is best for you? Check out our Types of Fishing page or give us a call.