What do we wear?

Dressing safely and comfortably for fishing trips can be challenging. For much of the season, you will need two sets of warm clothing: one for days on the river and another for evenings at the lodges.

Use the layering system: Bring clothes that can be worn under or on top of others. Layering allows you to adjust quickly to changing weather by adding or subtracting layers. Loose, fast drying, durable clothing is best for fishing. We recommend the following materials because they are compact and made to keep you warm and comfortable through a range of temperatures and humidities.

Polypropylene (Polypro) or Capilene: These are synthetic materials that wick moisture away from the skin. Long underwear (shirt and pants) are essential as the first layer in cool or wet weather.

Fleece: A synthetic material that is heavier than polypro. It makes an excellent middle layer in cool or wet weather. Wool is also a good insulator. Bring a jacket or sweater as well as pants of these fabrics.

Cotton: Should NOT be worn during cool or wet weather since wet cotton lowers body temperature. Cotton is recommended for hot weather only!

Rainwear: Rain jacket and pants protect you from storms and mist from rapids. Coated nylon or breathable fabrics such as Gore‐Tex seem to not work as well as rubber rain suits. When it rains on the Rogue, it rains hard! Ponchos are bulky and dangerous so they are not recommended.

Footwear: You will find guides and fellow guests in rain boots or sturdy hiking shoes/boots. Closed shoes offer the most foot protection if worn with wool or neoprene wetsuit socks; they can help insulate your feet when the weather is cold. Muck boots are highly recommended for the drift boats as well.

For the Wild and Scenic trips – NO WADERS or HIP BOOTS.