steelhead3Steelhead are migratory fish that spend much of their life in the ocean only to migrate into the Rogue for a short time before they spawn and return. They are an ocean going rainbow trout and truly are a fabulous sport fish, which fight hard and can readily be caught on flies.

Fall Chinook

salmon-chinookAlso known as kings, start showing up in front of the lodge about the last week in August and continue through the month of September. The technique for Chinook is bait & lure. Guides like to get on the river early, first morning light. Average Chinook are in the 35 – 45-pound range but a 50- to 60-pounder is not uncommon.

Coho Salmon

salmon-cohoRuns have been rather late arriving at our area of the Rogue for the last 2 seasons, showing up in late October and early November. Coho are very difficult to target and are generally caught incidentally while fishing for steelhead. They are usually bright with a silver body with a blue back and their sides take on a blush to deep red color as they come up the river to spawn.




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Rogue River Fish Run Schedule

Species Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Summer Steelhead                 X X  X  
Fall Chinook               X X X    
Coho Salmon                   X X  
Trips Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Recreation Section               X X X X  
Wild Section                 X X    

Morrison’s Rogue River Lodge

8500 Galice Road – Merlin, OR 97532
Map / Directions

Fishing Date Ranges

Summer Steelhead (Sept, Oct, Nov)
Fall Chinook (August, Sept)
Coho Salmon (October, Nov)

Fly Fishing with Morrisons

Fishing Trip FAQs

Where do we get our fishing license?
You can purchase fishing licenses at Morrisons Lodge. You can also go online at http://www.dfw.state.or.us/online_license_sales/

How high are the rapids ranked?
Rapids are classed on a scale from 1 to 6. The wild & scenic section of the Rogue River is rated class III. We will run 18 class III, two class IV’s and walk around Rainie Falls which is a class V. All rapids have a trail around them if you choose to walk around them. The recreation section is a Class II section of the river and on most sections, you will only go through class I rapids.

What happens if you need to go to the bathroom?
On the Wild and Scenic Section, the lodges have bathrooms, and many of the places we have lunch have outhouses, but in case an outhouse isn’t available, we carry a porta-potty. There are 17 toilets available to rafters in the canyon. We make sure you have a bathroom available at all stops. On the recreation section there are boat ramps and campgrounds we can stop at to use the bathroom.

What do we wear?

Dressing safely and comfortably for fishing trips can be challenging. It is very important and should not be taken lightly. For much of the season, you will need two sets of warm clothing: one for the days on the river and one for the evenings at the lodges.

Use the layering system: Bring clothes that can be worn under or on top of others. Layering allows you to adjust quickly to changing weather by adding or subtracting layers. Loose, fast drying, durable clothing is best for fishing. We recommend the following materials because they are compact and are made to keep you warm and comfortable through a range of temperatures and humidity’s.

Polypropylene (Polypro) or Capilene: These are synthetic materials that wick moisture away from the skin. Long underwear (shirt and pants) are essential as the first layer in cool or wet weather.

Fleece: Is a synthetic material that is heavier than polypro. It makes an excellent middle layer in cool or wet weather. Wool is also a good insulator. Bring a jacket or sweater as well as pants of these fabrics.

Cotton: Should NOT be worn during cool or wet weather since wet cotton lowers body temperature. Cotton is recommended for hot weather only!

Rainwear: Rain jacket and pants are to protect you from the storms as well as mist from rapids. Coated nylon or breathable fabrics such as Gore‐Tex seem to not work as well as rubber rain suits. When it rains on the Rogue, it rains hard! Ponchos are bulky and dangerous so they are not recommended.

Footwear: You will find guides and fellow guests in rain boots or a sturdy hiking shoe/boot. Closed shoes do offer the most foot protection if worn with wool or neoprene wetsuit socks, they can help insulate your feet when the weather is cold. Muck boots are highly recommended for the drift boats as well.

For the wild and scenic trips – NO WADERS or HIP BOOTS.

What do we bring?
When you book a trip we will send out an itinerary on what you need to bring.

What to expect?
Download our Fishing Trip Information and Itinerary (PDF).

Do you serve alcohol on the trips?
We do not provide alcohol. You are welcome to bring alcohol with you on the trips. For the multiple day trips we provide a cooler for you to store any extra drink that you would like to bring. Beer and wine are available from the market up the street from our store.

Do you provide drinks?
We serve water and juice on our trips. You are responsible to bring anything else that you would like to have.

What kind of food do you serve?
We do a picnic style lunch that include healthy light meals ideal for river trips. On our multiple day trips, the lodges will provide dinner and breakfast for the lodge trips, and our guides will turn into gourmet cooks for the camp trips. They will cook anything from bbq chicken to fajitas to stir fry to salmon and steak. They follow it up with a dessert like strawberry shortcake, chocolate cake, or cheesecake. If you have any kind of dietary specifications, please let us know so we can accommodate.

What lodges do we stay at on the river?
Depends on the trip. Down the wild and scenic river We use Black Bar, Marial, Paradise & Lucas lodge.

Where is the best place to stay the night before the trip?
Morrison’s Rogue Wilderness Adventures is the preferred lodging location in our area for convenient orientation and launching of your trip.


Indian Mary, Griffin Park, and Almeda Park all take reservations. For reservations call 1-800-452-5687 or visit ReserveAmerica.com

If you have any questions about our trips, please call our offices 7 days a week at 800-336-1647. Our friendly office staff is glad to answer any questions about our trips or visiting the great state of Oregon.

Fishing Equipment / Skill Level / Licenses


Fishing equipment is provided on all guided trips. We offer Rogue River steelhead fly patterns in our tackle shop and fishing licenses are available at the lodge as well. If bringing your own equipment for Morrisons fishing packages we recommend 6, 7 or 8 weight single hand rods with nymphing lines and sink tips. With If your fishing switch and Spey rods a 6/7 weight rod work’s best. With these rods, a Scandinavian floating line and standard/ poly- coated floating steelhead leaders work best. For getting the fly deeper, Skagit lines with various sink tips for different depths may also be used.  The 7 weight rod is the most universal for all types of steelhead fishing.  For the wild and scenic trips if you would like to bring a fly rod we suggest the 6, 7 or 8 weight single hand rods with nymphing lines and sink tips. The wild and scenic trips are not conducive to Spey rods.

Skill Level

We can accommodate anglers of all abilities and desired levels of participation. If you just want to go fishing it is not necessary to know how to fly fish, to fish with us.  We can put you in a boat with a rod in your hand. All you have to do is relax, enjoy the day and let the guide take care of things. There is no need to know how to cast, but we’ll be happy to show you how.

Fishing Licenses

At the lodge, we sell fishing licenses. You can also purchase your Oregon fishing license online (purchase a fishing license). Our guides encourage catching and releasing, but you can keep hatchery fish.

To plan your trip, please call: 800-336-1647

Rogue River Region / Terrain / Weather

Region & Terrain

Morrison’s is located along the Rogue River in the rolling foothills of the Cascade Range of Southern Oregon. It is only 20 minutes by car from Grants Pass and I-5, and a little over an hour from the Rogue Valley International Airport in Medford. The Rogue is a large river with a flow during the fishing season of 1,200 to 1,500 cfs. At Morrison’s the elevation is 800 ft. above sea level. We float some mild Class II rapids. Our trips are done from drift boats, we offer swinging flies, nymphing, twitching (dragging flies) and Spey casting.

Typical Weather by Season

Short hot summers, short extreme winters, long cool springs and long warm fall season describe the weather on the Rogue. There are approximately 14-16 hours of daylight in the summer months, and 11-13 hours of daylight in the fall.

Average high and low temperatures are; Spring: March 59-37, April 64-40, May 72-45 Summer: June 80-50, July 89-55, August 89-54 Fall: Sept. 89-47, Oct. 69-41, Nov. 52-39 Winter: Dec 44-35, Jan. 47-35. Feb. 53-36.