Darrell has been guiding the Rogue River for over 20 years.  Living only steps away from the river in the sleepy community of Galice in the Wild and Scenic section of the Rogue River has given him an opportunity to learn the river like few others.  With knowledge gleamed from another generation of guides who have guided the Rogue since the middle of the last century, Darrell has an understanding of the special heritage and history of this river.

His main focus has been pursuing steelhead on the swung fly with two handed rods. Darrell guides out of a traditional wooden drift boat stopping and wading clients through the Rogue’s classic steelhead runs. Darrell is an accomplished spey caster whose skills include modern and traditional spey casting techniques.

He is very knowledgeable in helping beginners and more advanced casters understand spey casting techniques and equipment to help them become a more effective angler. Special attention is given to the presentation of the swung fly.  Teaching dry line and skated fly techniques,  sunken wet fly swings and the subtle changes that need to be made with respect to the current and angle of the cast.