Photo of Phillip Tripp

Phillip Tripp


Phillip is 26 years old and a U.S. Coast Guard Licensed Captain. He has had his guide license for 7 years. He fishes on rivers all over Southern Oregon as well as the Kenai River in Alaska. He begins each year on the Umpqua, Chetco, Coquille and Rogue Rivers where he guides for winter steelhead. During May and June, he is on the Upper Rogue River chasing spring chinook salmon. After he gets home from Alaska each summer, he begins a two month season in the Rogue River Canyon for Morrison’s Rogue Wilderness Adventures. The “Canyon” trips consist of taking people fishing for salmon and steelhead while navigating some of the most challenging rapids in the state. This Wild and Scenic Section of the Rogue River is a special place to be able to work each fall. He finishes up the year on the Oregon Coast fishing for fall salmon on the Chetco, Elk, and Sixes Rivers. Fishing is his life and he is proud to be able to support and raise a family here in Oregon while doing something that he loves and has a passion for.